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Medico-Legal Reporting

Depending on the stage and requirements of each personal injury claim, Expert Opinion’s medical experts are able to address every aspect of medical evaluation either in pre-court procedures or in court with professionalism, speed and accuracy.

Primarily serving the non-life insurance sector (automobile accident, general liability, employer’s liability, personal accident) as well as law firms that handle personal injury claims, we meet the needs of every aspect of the process:

  • Fast track personal injury reports
    Assessment of the gravity of the injury and the degree of short- or long-term disability, prediction of future surgery or special treatments and a clear prognosis, so that a due compensation can be estimated and future rehabilitation costs covered.

  • Medical documentation
    Technical support in the drafting of legal documents, documentation of medical arguments with selective citation of literature and direct response to questions on medical issues that may arise in the progress of the case.

  • Expert medical report
    Comprehensive medical report for legal use, reporting extensively on the state of health of the claimant and the degree of short- or long-term disability, including prognosis and need of further treatments as well as discussion on the effect of the injury on professional and social life.

Expert Opinion’s in-house auditors guarantee that all medical reports comply with the company's code of conduct and provide clear conclusions on the severity and prognosis of the personal injury assessed, covering the entire needs of the compensation process.

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